When you browsing YouTube Videos from somewhere else then you may get Youtube Not Available In Your Country Error, then follow below steps to fix the issue.

Some of the videos may not be available in your country. However, YouTube deletes video for copyright reasons also which may not be accessible by all. But, if your access restricted to videos by the privacy settings then read this to view private YouTube videos. Now, here, I am going to share some ways to unlock and watch those videos. YouTube is the most popular video streaming services by Google.It has viewers across the globe, and people love it the most for being a free service. However, some YouTube videos are not available to watch in your country. Dec 26, 2016 · So, these were some of the ways to bypass country restrictions on video sites like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. If you are casual users, a free VPN like TunnelBear should work fine for you. However, if you like to binge watch Netflix on all your device or looking for long term solution, services like smart DNS make more sense. Many times YouTube videos get blocked and made not available in some countries due to copyright claims from media corporations or on government’s requests. Lawfully, you are not supposed to watch these videos however few good methods let you bypass these country restrictions. Jun 24, 2020 · YouTube videos are not available in your country for geographic restriction. You want to watch blocked YouTube videos. Fortunately, there are two very simple ways to bypass YouTube regional filter. Change YouTube video URL. If you can’t watch a video on YouTube, change its URL. For example, the blocked YouTube video URL:

May 21, 2016 · The uploader of video has not made video for your country and applied some restrictions to the video. Sometimes YouTube block some videos for some country due to some issues. Also see: Sites to watch cartoons online for free. How to fix This Video is not available in your country: #1 Using VPN:

Jun 10, 2019 · But when he is not working, you can find him binge-watching random videos on YouTube (after he has wasted an hour on Netflix trying to find a good show). Reach out at [email protected] Latest Articles YouTube may block the video for the country, and it might due to legal issues or maybe the video is country oriented. Being a victim of this error, we know how frustrating it is. If you are a victim, then you can employ these tricks to fix this video is not available in your country on Android to bypass youtube country restrictions. Let dive in! Nov 03, 2019 · Method 1: Watch Blocked Videos on YouTube using VPN A VPN or Virtual Private Network basically tunnels your data packets through its own servers located in various different regions to help you bypass the restriction and watch blocked youtube videos. Police said nothing could be done because the user is from another country and that this is YouTube's responsibility. Youtube also said that they'd look into it but nothing has happened in 5 months. His fanbase has also massflagged my videos and successfully content restricted some of them. Attempts to get them unrestricted by youtube have not

Aug 15, 2017 · For example, some youtube videos available in the US might not be available in India or vice versa. However, there is always a way out of it. However, there is always a way out of it. Even though YouTube can restrict the videos to be played in certain regions, there is a trick using which one can watch the restricted YouTube videos.

Jun 04, 2020 · If you want to bypass YouTube’s regional filter, which locks certain videos depending on what country you’re in, keep in mind that doing so may be illegal. If you want to proceed anyways, you can use an online proxy service like ProxFree. To do this, open the ProxFree YouTube proxy site and scroll down to the “Server Location” section. Some YouTube videos may not be available in your country/region for the following reasons: Video owners have chosen to make their content available only to certain countries/regions (usually due to licensing rights) YouTube may block specific content to comply with local laws Why Does YouTube Say My Video Is Unavailable?. If you're finding a YouTube video is unavailable, there are a number of potential causes: Platform or country restrictions can prevent you from seeing the clip, as can its privacy settings. If the video has been deleted or is still being uploaded, or if the YouTube Jan 17, 2020 · YouTube Videos Can’t be Watched Due to ‘The uploader has not made this video available in your country’? Even though YouTube is a video-sharing websites and videos can be watched free, some videos can’t be watched due to different certain reasons.