2. Please try using another device (Android, iOS, PC, Mac) and check if the issue persists. 3. Have you tried resetting the router? 4. Are you using an existing OpenDNS account or is it a new one setup via the Genie app? Regards, Dexter. Community Team

Verifying Router is using - - Cloudflare Unforunately, the OpenDNS system is not a reliable way to check that you are actually using the correct resolvers. Quite a lot of open resolvers just forward their queries to Google, OpenDNS, Baidu, Quad9, etc. So you will see “yes! you’re using OpenDNS!” while you are absolutely not; there is an intermediary here. Configuring OpenDNS - Internet - Internet Forum - Cox Unfortunately, when I check to see which DNS server my network is using, this is what I see: C:\>nslookup Default Server: cdns1.cox.net. I cannot seem to use the OpenDNS servers, even when I direct my router to connect to them. I even tried to use SafeDNS, another web filtering service, but …

Dec 22, 2010

Apr 22, 2016 "Enable DNSSEC Support" and OpenDNS | Netgate Forum

May 13, 2010

May 10, 2020 How to check if a computer is using OpenDNS - CNET Go to www.opendns.com. At the top of the home page, just under the tabs, there will be a message whose content depends on whether the computer is using OpenDNS or not. If the computer is not using How do I know I am now using OpenDNS? – OpenDNS Jan 19, 2014