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port 943 - OpenVPN web-ui * UDP; port 1194 - OpenVPN UDP port *note: All of the default ports can be changed from the admin tool* note: The warning seen is very important. For this demo I am leaving port 22 open to the world but in a real use case I would limit this to my current IP ONLY. r/OpenVPN - Raspberry Pi 3 B+ - PiVPN - WarCraft 3! Please I have openvpn set up on docker, can connect just fine on external network, and I have to have my generated .ovpn file to connect, but had a question. To access openvpn externally (at least how I have it set up) I have to have the port forwarded on the router. I'm using port 3000 externally, which is going to the default 1194 of openvpn. [Support] - OpenVPN AS - Page 75 - Docker Oct 06, 2015 This line indicates a process listening on port TCP 943: tcp 0 0* LISTEN 5669/python. This is the OpenVPN Access Server’s default port (TCP 943) where the Admin UI and Client UI should be offered on. OpenVPN Server: The VPN server is the underlying component in OpenVPN Access Server that does all of the background work; routing, tunneling, encryption, user management, authentication etc. OpenVPN Access Server comes with a Web GUI that helps to manage the underlying components of the VPN server. Admin Web Interface:

port 1194. dev tap. t look like that the port 943 is listening or even in the list, would someone be able to help with this as well? OpenVPN client page looks

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A port cannot be used twice at the same time, it’s already taken by the OpenVPN TCP daemon. So we let our web services actually run on port TCP 943, since it does need an actual port to bind to, which can be reached directly when you specify the port number in your URL like so: Since adding the port number is Managing settings for the web services from the - OpenVPN By default the OpenVPN Access Server is set up with the web services listening on port TCP 943, and you can reach them there as well as at the default HTTPS port TCP 443. The reason for this ability to also listen on TCP 443 even though the web services are not listening on that port itself, is a function we call service forwarding or port forward. PIA Port Forwarding Not Working · Issue #943 · haugene Nov 02, 2019