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Can you reset your Xbox Live account? - Xbox 360 Message How do I find the email used for my XBOX Live account? Tech Support: 3 Answers: I got a used X-Box 360 and I am having trouble with the parental controls. How can I deal with the Parental Controls? Tech Support: 2 Answers: Help me identify my XBOX 360 please? :) Tech Support: 2 Answers: Can u play the 360 without a harddrive? Tech Support: 4 How to reset my wireless controller to my xBox 360 - Quora To reset the Xbox 360 wireless controller, just hold the sync button on the top of the controller until the four lights around the Xbox orb spin rapidly. From there, hold the sync button on your Xbox 360 (location depends on the model), and then w Xbox 360 keeps restarting while playing games, help Aug 09, 2009

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Can you reset your Xbox Live account? - Xbox 360 Message

Once you burn the files to disc, remove that disc from your computer and insert it into the disc drive on your Xbox 360 console. Restart the console. When the console restarts, the installation program starts automatically. When prompted, select Yes to update the new console software. 79% restart ?? - Microsoft Community Jun 18, 2020 How to restart an Xbox 360 - Quora UNPLUG THE POWER CABLE from the wall ! (then you must wait 10 seconds, then it will be safe to re-start the system again). ! ! ! ! ! ! r e a d t h i s c a r e f u l l y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! But before u