I'm on Android and I use an app called 'Fake GPS' in order to spoof my location on Grindr. It's fun to do when I'm bored and blazed and want to view men far away from me. I've scoped out men in Tehran, Portland, Rio de Janeiro, Nairobi, Seoul, Nashville, Boston, Toronto, Johannesburg, Atlanta, Dublin, NYC, Madrid during World Pride, Berlin, San

Any way to hide / change location on Grindr ? : askgaybros Overlap three of those bands—just as in the older trilateration attack—and the target’s possible location is reduced to a square that’s as small as a few feet across. "You draw six circles, and the intersection of those six circles will be the location of the targeted person," says Hoang. What should I do if I'm experiencing issues with my location? Open the Settings app on your device. 2. Tap Applications > Manage Applications (this will be labeled as Application Manager on some newer versions of the Android OS) > Grindr > Force Stop > Clear Cache. Then check your current location. How to fake your location on Grindr Using iPhone - codepaste Open grindr and see your location on Grindr. The location is set on grindr. Use your grindr with new location. After taking these steps you will be able to change your grinder location on your iPhone. Solution to these risks using App with change location. Use Dr .fone – … Can You Spoof Your Location on Grindr? : askgaybros

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How to fake my location on Grindr B - Quora Sep 06, 2019 Troubleshooting Incorrect Location – Help Center Swipe your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen over the Grindr window. Restart your device. Open Grindr. Then, check your current location: Open Maps on your device. Tap Current Location at the bottom left. Is your location correct? Now, reset your location services. Open Settings on your device. Tap Privacy, then Location Services.

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